Babe Ruth An American LegendKnown as Babe Ruth, but born George Herman Ruth Junior, he was a legendary baseball player from the age of 19 to 40.  Starting out with the Red Sox he eventually ended up with the New York Yankees.

During that time he created, and broke, many records including the number of home runs, total bases and highest slugging percentage. So great were his achievements that many of them were not surpassed for decades.

Considering his humble beginnings and his troubled upbringing, he was an incredible achiever.

A lovable big bear of a man, Babe Ruth personified the unbounded ambition and playful enthusiasm of the young, eternally hopeful nation from which he sprang.

From his early days as the mischievous son of a Maryland barkeep, to his unparalleled rise to super-stardom as the New York Yankees most famous player, the Babe was every bit the larger than life icon we remember him as today.

You can find out more about this great man through AN AMERICAN LEGEND which chronicles Babe Ruth’s astounding three decade long career through exclusive, never-before-heard interviews, audio clips and insightful narrative. It is a tale of great promise and dreams fulfilled. Not only of one poor boy from Baltimore, but an entire nation of sports lovers as well.

A total of 10 Babe Ruth audio tracks:

01 Introduction by the Author
02 Ruth Becomes a Yankee
03 Everyman Babe
04 Legends
05 Ruth’s Great Love of Kids
06 Famous Feuds
07 Joe McCarthy Bids Farewell to Babe
08 Ruth Reflects on the Boston Fans
09 The End of a Great Career
10 Babe’s Impact on the Game

Run time a total of 44mins 25 seconds:
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