Beatles Tapes II: Early Beatlemania Audio Clipsthis is the second release in the Beatles series which traces the historic odyssey of the Fab Four, beginning in England, 1963 with the conquest of their own country, and then leading to a successful invasion of America in early 1964. It concludes with a triumphant return to their homeland.

This incredible story is told exclusively in the words of the Beatles and their fans. All of the exciting appearances, press conferences and interviews captured on this album have been placed in correct historical order to accurately document and reflect the events, in context, as they happened. Live the experience all over again.

The Beatles: John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, George Harrison.

Recorded between July 1963 and March 1964.

Run time a total of 55 minutes 03 seconds:

  1. July 30, 1963 (Time 1:59) – The album begins with one of the earliest news interviews conducted with the Beatles, on BBC Radio’s “Non Stop Pop” show. The interviewer is Phil Tate. The show aired on August 30, 1963.
  2. September 12, 1963 (Time 0:56) – The Beatles deliver a humorous radio message of greeting to their Australian fans, for later radio broadcast.
  3. October 24, 1963 (Time 0:20) – Paul McCartney is briefly interviewed after a concert performed for Swedish radio in Stockholm at Karlaplan Studio. Paul’s haircut seems to occupy the inquisitive moderator.
  4. November 4, 1963 (Time 1:02) – The Beatles individually discuss what future careers they will pursue after they “flop.” An ironic topic, given the fact that they had not yet conquered the world at the time of this interview.
  5. November 7, 1963 (Time 4:01) – The Beatles film a TV news interview with Frank Hall upon their arrival at Dublin Airport, Ireland, where they are scheduled to play two concerts at the Adelphi Cinema. The group discusses their Irish backgrounds, their “long haircuts,” and their impact on females. Paul briefly yells “cut” to the cameraman as a plane flies overhead, briefly interrupting the interview.
  6. November 26, 1963 (Time 0:22) – The Beatles are at the Regal Theatre in Cambridge, England. Prior to the show, they are asked about their expectations of America which they are due to visit for the first time in early 1964.
  7. December 10, 1963 (Time 8:28) – The Beatles record an in-depth radio interview backstage at the Gaumont Cinema, in Doncaster, England, prior to a show. The interviewer is Dibbs Mather, an Australian broadcaster who was based in England at the time. Hundreds of screaming girls are heard just outside the dressing room doors as the Beatles are interviewed. Ringo talks about how he became a musician. George discusses the loss of privacy. Paul explains about “Beatle People” (followers) and making a movie (“A Hard Day’s Night”) next year. John is quite a difficult challenge for this interviewer, but he begins to soften when asked to read one of his poems (with some thinly veiled drug references). This interview was ultimately aired in Australia by radio stations that subscribed to the BBC service.
  8. December 17, 1963 (Time 0:19) – A brief, yet historic moment in U.S. radio history. Teenager Marsha Albert introduces the song “I Want To Hold Your Hand” as the first U.S. airplay ever of a Beatles song! The broadcast took place on the Carrol James show, WWDC-AM Maryland.
  9. December 17, 1963 (Time 1:56) – Recorded at the Playhouse Theatre, London with Brian Matthew for BBC radio. The Fab Four provide a humorous Christmas message, to wish their listeners a “happy crimble.”
  10. January 24, 1964 (Time 2:12) – The Beatles are interviewed on T.V. following one of their Paris, France concerts at the Olympia Theatre. The group discusses the French fans, their problem with the amplifiers, Ringo reading poetry and their upcoming first trip to America.
  11. February 7-8, 1964 (Time 8:42) – The Beatles Invade America BBC’s Malcolm David reports from New York. The news report beautifully captures the frantic pace and emotion of the group’s first days in America. The report features an interview with WINS disc jockey Murray ‘The K’ Kaufman (one of the so-called “fifth Beatles”); teenagers waiting at the airport; the plane’s arrival; at the plaza Hotel; and concluding with the Beatles talking about their amazing welcome.
  12. February 8, 1964 (Time 0:58) – The manager of the New York Plaza Hotel is interviewed after the Beatles have arrived. Screaming girls can be heard as he describes how many of his other guests have left for the weekend. His diplomatic assessment of the Beatles as an entertainment “talent” is quite humorous.
  13. February 9, 1964 (Time 2:11) – George Harrison (with a cold and sore throat) is interviewed by telephone from his New York Plaza hotel room for Murray the K’s radio show. The rest of the band is rehearsing for their appearance that night on The Ed Sullivan Show. That evening, the Beatles made their first appearance live on The Ed Sullivan Show and were seen by an estimated 73 million people, or 60% of all U.S. television viewers.
  14. February 10, 1964 (Time 2:01) – The Beatles are interviewed in the lobby of the Plaza Hotel. They discuss their upcoming concert in two days at Carnegie Hall.
  15. February 10, 1964 (Time 5:00) – Four girls are interviewed outside the Plaza Hotel by a news reporter on why they travelled into New York City on the chance of meeting the Beatles. Their answers are surprisingly mature. Two of the girls describe sneaking up to the Beatles’ 12th floor hallway before being caught by security.
  16. February 10, 1964 (Time 0:16) – A Beatles promo is aired on Murray the K’s radio show.
  17. February 11, 1964 (Time 5:21) – Prior to their first official concert in the U.S. at the Washington Coliseum, the Beatles give a T.V. press conference, responding to questions from CBS, NBC and other press on a shared network newscast. The topics cover the Beatles’ impressions of then President Lyndon Johnson, his daughters, Walter Cronkite, and their singing ability. The Beatles’ off camera chatter in discussing which network Walter Cronkite works for is quite amusing.
  18. February 11, 1964 (Time 0:57) – John Lennon is interviewed by the T.V. press at the British Embassy reception in Washington, D.C. When asked, “Which one are you?” John replies, “Eric,” which momentarily throws the reporter off his guard. Lennon gives his impressions of the American public and the wild reception at the Washington concert.
  19. February 22, 1964 (Time 4:05) The Beatles’ Triumphant Return To England The Beatles are interviewed by telephone with BBC’s Brian Matthew at London’s Heathrow Airport of their impressions of America.
  20. February 22, 1964 (Time 1:38) The Beatles give an enthusiastic press conference in the Kingsford-Smith suites at London’s Heathrow Airport, on their impressions of America. News footage of their arrival and conference was shown to British audiences on the program Grandstand later that day.
  21. March 19, 1964 (Time 1:21) The Beatles attend a luncheon at the variety Club of Great Britain held in the Dorchester Hotel, London. Member of Parliament, Harold Wilson, presents each of the Beatles with a silver heart-shaped award for being England’s “Show Business Personalities of 1963.” Each of the Beatles gives a brief tongue-in-cheek acceptance speech.

    Run time a total of 55mins 03 seconds – £11.95 :
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