Beatles Tapes III: The 1964 World Tour
The third tape in the Beatles series continues where Vol.II adjourned, namely in the midst of rampant worldwide Beatlemania! Here are nineteen new tracks, chronologically arranged, documenting interviews, appearances, press conferences and radio promos of the Fab Four.

The bulk of this new material covers the period beginning in June, 1964 with the bands arrival in Holland; down under to Australia and New Zealand; and concluding in September, 1964 in Kansas City.

In detail this is a collection of interviews, press conferences, radio promos and news footage from the Beatles’ 1964 World Tour.

This selection of interviews and press conferences with the Beatles immediately before, during, and after their 1964 world tour is a series of snapshots of a group increasingly at ease with itself, trading wisecracks and witticisms, and effortlessly fielding journalists’ questions. Their manager, Brian Epstein, sounding exhausted, is considerably less at ease in an interview conducted in early 1964.

The Beatles: John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, George Harrison.
Additional personnel: Jimmy Nicol.

Recorded between March 1964 and September 17, 1964. Includes liner notes by Allen J. Wiener and Gary Schumaker.

Run time a total of 58 minutes 17 seconds:

1.  March 1964
2.  March 1964
3.  June 5, 1964
4.  June 11, 1964
5.  June 11, 1964
6.  June 14, 1964
7.  June 14, 1964
8.  June 15, 1964
9.  June 22, 1964
10.  June 24, 1964
11.  July 10, 1964
12.  July 22, 1964
13.  August 19 1964
14.  September 3, 1964
15.  September 5, 1964
16.  September 7, 1964
17.  September 7, 1964
18.  September 11, 1964
19.  September 17, 1964

Run time a total of 58mins 17seconds – £11.95 :
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