Beatles Tapes V: The 1965 Help Tour Audio ClipsThis historic documentary series continues with The Beatles Tapes V. This latest audio recording features amazing interviews with the group (many previously unheard) during the making of the film “Help!”

Travel the world with the Fab Four on their historic 1965 world tour. This new collection of rare interviews and press conferences paints a picture in stark contrast to the year before. Gone is the sense of novelty and enjoyment clearly present during their first bout with massive worldwide attention. More than once, they express an almost desperate plea for peace and personal space.

The Beatles: John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, George Harrison.

Recorded between February 1965 and October 1965.

Run time a total of 68 minutes 15 seconds:

  1. February 11, 1965 (2:28) – The press surprise a gracious Ringo and a bashful Maureen on their wedding day. We learn that both John and George attended (Paul was in Africa with Jane Asher)> “Where did you propose?” (“The Ad Lib Club!”). As he bids the press corps adieu, the inimitable Mr. Starkey quips, “I hope not to see you outside my window again!”
  2. February 25, 1965 (1:00) – Derek Taylor interviews Walter Shenson, producer of Help!, and Mal Evans in Nassau, The Bahamas, during production of the film. We hear probably the longest and nicest introduction Mal ever received in his short life: “The 5th star in the film, Malcolm Evans, the long-time, big and strong, burly and courageous, and amiable road manager of The Beatles, a good lad.”
  3. May 9, 1965 (13:00) – One of the longer segments, The Beatles and Walter Shenson are interviewed in London about Help! They appear to enjoy this session and rather enjoy the interviewer, bantering back and forth about the movie; their tour itinerary in the States; “Walter Wimpy”, a reporter who has ticked them off; and even sports (soccer and hurling). Paul delivers a typically jumbled Beatleism with his proclamation that, “We’re all very gullible, and we travel a lot too!”
  4. June 12, 1965 (1:50) – The Beatles are interviewed at Twickenham Studios regarding the announcement of their impending MBE (Member of the British Empire) awards. We hear from George who relates, “We thought we were being called up to the army, and then we opened them (the envelopes) and found out we weren’t!” Paul then adds perspective: “It doesn’t make me any more respectable. I’m still a scruff!”
  5. June 20, 1965 (3:29) – Interviewed in Paris, France, while on tour, we hear several vintage Beatle quips from John. First, in response to a question about Napoleon, “He was a good man. He had a Beatles’ haircut too!” Then later, “Everybody likes Ringo. Even people who don’t like The Beatles like Ringo!” We also learn that the band was disappointed with the crowd (obviously expecting a bevy of beautiful French girls) because “there were mainly men in the audience.”
  6. June 27, 1965 (1:34) – The Beatles are interviewed in Rome, Italy, on the same tour. In a brief segment, we laugh with Paul’s declaration that. “I have Ringo’s autograph and it’s mounted on the wall in my toilet!”
  7. August 14, 1965 (8:02) – During the New York press conference at the start of the U.S. leg of their world tour, the tenor being to shift with several idiotic questions. “It’s been said The Beatles are a threat to public safety … what do you say?” (They reply, in unison, “Rubbish!”). “Why do people like you?” (Paul: … “no idea”; and John, clearly frustrated, “… the music!”). Incredibly, we even have one questioner ask what type of insurance they carry.
  8. August, 1965 (9:04) – Somewhere on the U.S. tour, a more thoughtful and courteous interviewer encourages a solo Ringo to discuss several subjects. We hear from a very tired Mr. Starr that The Beatles would “like to spend more time in America if we could come in and live like normal people.” He also discusses their next planned movie, “A Talent for Loving” (a western!). He recounts a story of friction with British fans while filming Help! In Nassau and his frustration with constantly being bugged for autographs (“I have feelings, I’m not a piece of furniture!”). He also shares their collective bewilderment over a rumour currently circulating that Paul is secretly married (ironic given the incredible rumours to come in the years ahead about Paul’s being secretly dead).
  9. August 16, 1965 (1:24) – An extremely pumped up John, after the Shea Stadium concert, exclaims to the interviewer that the performance was “marvellous, the biggest crowd, biggest live show ever, they could almost hear us as well!” He also shares a wonderful tidbit about doing his “Jerry Lee imitation” and banging on the organ during “I’m Down” (“George couldn’t play for laughing!”).
  10. August 20, 1965 (5:01) – Another solo interview, this one features a quintessentially thoughtful and philosophical George in the basement of Comiskey Park in Chicago. George answers the typical questions about dealing with his fame, lack of privacy, etc., but the most enjoyable segment is the commentary on his future plans for song writing.
  11. August 29, 1965 (17:26) – This is the complete Los Angeles press conference for the Hollywood Bowl show, and the tension level rises a notch. The boys don’t even bother to directly answer a question about their being “instruments of communist propaganda.” Then, regarding criticism over their having received the MBE award in Britain, an irked John replies, “They got theirs for killing people. We deserve ours for not killing people” (a preview of his pacifist campaigns to come). There is also a testy exchange with a reporter they clearly know who accuses, “I have a feeling you’ve turned a little bit anti-press.” We learn that their favourite American group is indisputably The Byrds. The conferences ends strangely with the presentation of a piñata to the band as a gift and a long-winded presentation of a gold record for Help! By Capitol Records executive, Alan Livingston.
  12. October 26, 1965 (0:39) – In a brief post-MBE presentation interview, the obviously excited and dazed Beatles face the press. Paul shares some of the conversation with Her Majesty: (Queen) “How long have you been together?” (Paul) “Ring said ’40 years!”). And John, declaring that he was too nervous to think of anything else to say: (Queen) “Have you been working hard?” (John) “No, we’re having a holiday!”

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