Michael JordanHeard on this exclusive product are Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, President Clinton, David Stern, and other celebrities toasting the basketball immortal.

On this disc Michael Jordan talks with the press and fans about such topics as going pro, his private life, family, Magic Johnson, his first retirement, facing challenges, coming back, seclusion, Babe Ruth and more.



A total of 21 tracks:

01 Introduction
02 Going Pro
03 Pippen
04 Private Life
05 Family
06 Magic
07 1st Retirement
08 Announcing Retirement
09 Jerry Reinsdorf
10 David Stern
11 Deciding to Retire
12 Facing Challenges-Love of the Game
13 The Legacy-3peat-Skills
14 Coming Back-Records-Youth-Thrills
15 Seclusion
16 About Losing-Contracts-Lockout
17 Sacrifices-Father
18 Babe Ruth
19 Fans
20 Colleagues
21 Clinton

Run time a total of 50 minutes 54 seconds:
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