Sir Winston Churchill Speeches Audio: His Famous Speeches

Winston Churchill Speeches Audio : His Finest HourWinston Churchill both experienced and influenced the great social and political changes of the first half of the twentieth century. Churchill was elected to Parliament in 1900; by the time he resigned as Prime Minister of Great Britain, in 1955, he had served under six monarchs and through two world wars. He had changed political parties twice, worked for social reforms, been voted in and out of office, and advocated strong government action to solve problems, even when it was unpopular.

He was also a writer, historian, poet, artist and the only British Prime Minister to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. Here we feature his skills in presenting memorable speeches and quotes. This audio download features Churchill audio clips of the highlights of major speeches given during World War II including one of his most famous speeches, “Their Finest Hour”.

The 16 Winston Churchill Speeches Audio Tracks include:

1. ‘We Must Arm’
Also known as ‘The Defence of Freedom and Peace (The Lights are Going Out)’
Broadcast to the US and London on 16 October 1938

2. ‘The First Month of War’
BBC World Broadcast on 1 October 1939

3. ‘The Navy’s Here’, (Ref The Battle of the River Plate)
Guild Hall Luncheon, London on 23 February 1940

4. ‘Their Finest Hour’
House of Commons Speech & BBC World Broadcast on 18 June 1940

5. ‘The Few’
House of Commons Speech on 20 August 1940

6. ‘Like the Mississippi’
House of Commons Speech on 20 August 1940

7. ‘Give us the tools’
BBC World Broadcast on 9 February 1941

8. ‘Russia Invaded’
Also known as ‘The Fourth Climacteric’
BBC World Broadcast on 22 June 1941

9. ‘Do your worst, and we will do our best’
At a luncheon given by the London County Council on 14 July 1941

10. ‘The End of the Beginning’
Address to the Lord Mayor’s Day Luncheon on 10 November 1942

11. ‘The Fruits of 1944’
9 November 1944

12. ‘America’s Thanksgiving’
Address to a concert audience at the Royal Albert Hall on 23 November 1944

13. ‘Unconditional Surrender’ (End of the War in Europe)
BBC Broadcast, London and House of Commons on 8 May 1945

14. ‘This is Your Victory’
From the balcony at the Ministry of Health, London, on 8 May 1945

15. ‘The German Ambassador’
Churchill reading from his war memoirs, The Gathering Storm, about a meeting in the German Embassy

16. ‘The Royal Academy of the Arts’
An address to students at the Royal Academy showing some of his wit on 30 April 1938

Narrated by John Tyers.

Run time for Winston Churchill speeches audio, a total of 69 minutes 34 seconds:
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