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Sir Winston Churchill: His Finest Hour

Sir Winston Churchill: “The War Years”

MLK: The Martin Luther King, Jr. Tapes

SirWinstonChurchill-HisFinestHour Sir Winston Churchill - The War Years Martin Luther King Jr Tape
Features the highlights of major speeches given during World War II. Featuring highlights of 10 major speeches given by the British Prime Minister. This historical compilation features highlights of the live recordings of “The Great March To Freedom,” “The Great March To Washington” and the immortal “Free At Last” speech. Plus, a poignant eulogy by Robert F. Kennedy.
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Martin Luther King, Jr. : We Shall Overcome

Ronald Reagan: The Great Speeches Vol. I

Ronald Reagan: The Great Speeches Vol. II

Martin Luther King Jr - We Shall Overcome Ronald Reagan - The Great Speeches Vol 1 Ronald Reagan - The Great Speeches Vol 2
Martin Luther King,Jr. embraced Gandhi’s principles of non-violent resistance and civil disobedience and applied them to challenge the unjust, discriminatory practices employed by a predominantly white society against black people. “The Great Communicator” Now relive the authentic thoughts and words of the legendary President Ronald Reagan. This historical compilation features highlights of some of the greatest moments in American political history. This second volume takes you through 9 more memorable highlights of speeches of the “Great Communicator”.
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JFK: The Kennedy Tapes

JFK: The Kennedy Tapes Vol. II

John F. Kennedy: The JFK Wit

JFK - The John Kennedy Tapes JFK - The John Kennedy Tapes Vol 2 John F Kennedy - The JFK Wit
Highlights of the Original Speeches of the Presidential Years: 1960-63. Featuring highlights of these memorable speeches. This special collection highlights the famous Kennedy wit from 1960 to 1963.
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FDR: Nothing to Fear

FDR: Mr. President

Dwight D. Eisenhower: IKE

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Franklin D Roosvelt - Mr President Dwight D Eisenhower IKE
This historical compilation includes highlights of Franklin Delano Roosevelt`s key speeches during one of the most historical era`s the modern world has known. Speech Highlights from the only “Four Term President” Features highlights from these famous speeches.
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General Douglas A. MacArthur: Soldier

Robert F. Kennedy: In His Own Words

William Jefferson Clinton

General Douglas A MacArthur: Soldier Robert F Kennedy William Jefferson Clinton
A symbol of American determination and fighting ability, General Douglas A. MacArthur ranks as an imaginative, sometimes brilliant military commander. This historical compilation includes highlights of the following live recordings. Features highlights from these major speeches
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