The Elvis Presley Tapes 1Elvis Presley died in 1977. His memory lives on with “The Elvis Tapes, Vol. II,” comprising three separate interviews with Elvis, one in 1957 in Ottawa, Canada; another in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1960, and the final one, in Hawaii in 1965. Red Robinson, the Canadian Hall of Fame disc jockey from Vancouver, B.C., has preserved these tapes and has presented what you are hearing as an original radio broadcast. Now for the first time, it is archived here in a format for you straight from Red’s radio broadcast.

There is no music involved with the program. The interviews and photographs are from Red Robinson’s private collection. Red first met Elvis in Vancouver, B.C., in 1957, when Elvis performed in concert at Empire Stadium. You will hear highlights from interviews with Frankie Laine, Rick Nelson, Pat Boone and Roy Orbison, all discussing Elvis. These too are taken from Red’s private collection. This is truly a special collection that any true devotee of Elvis Presley will treasure for eternity

Comprising two separate and rare interviews with Elvis, one in Vancouver, B.C., in 1957, and the other in his home city of Memphis in 1961, these come from the private collection of D.J. Red Robinson, who served as Master of Ceremonies at the Vancouver show where the first interview was held in Elvis`s dressing room.

Run time a total of 49 minutes 18 seconds.
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